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In Rome, the number 7 has a reason and it is related to the history of the city. There were seven kings in the past, there are seven hills still nowadays. The origins of Rome go back to the Palatine Hill the place where according to legend the city was founded by the first King, Romulus, on 21 April 753 BC.
Paracelso, on the other hand, was an Austrian doctor from the 15th century. He descended from a noble family and an ecclesiastical mother. He is considered the father and the greatest alchemist of all time, famous for his 7 rules of life. Again, seven. 

From this precious common denominator, which is number 7, the brand Paracelso Profumi 1493 was born. The design and the graphic study are now deposited and registered and after 4 years experimenting intensely, it gave birth to the first Essenza Cacio e Pepe (symbol of Roman cuisine) and the Papalina, based on Cardinal incense, eggs, pink pepper, which will soon be available on our website. 

La Carbonara, la Vaccinara, la Puttanesca, la Gricia, la Matriciana are currently being analyzed and studied, and will magically bring back to the number 7. They together will be the seven perfumes of Rome.
The Olfactory Pyramid that we produce with these particular Essences includes notes and scents of different elements such as Elemis, pink and black pepper, nutmeg, the Heart of Incense and Cypress and Vetiver, the woody and musky base, composed of Cedar, ambergris, tonka bean, musk, Vanilla and Cashmeran.

These fragrances that act in the perfumes have a rich and deep, spicy, intense soul. Their scent is perceived with the lower part of the body and it often offers relaxing properties.
They calm down one’s soul from nervousness and anxiety by spreading harmony, and also by keeping mosquitoes away thanks to the incense contained, the first of its kind.
Paracelsus, the doctor, was born in 1493 in Einsiedeln, in the Swiss canton of Schwyz. His real name is Philipp Theophrast Bombastvon Hohenheim; however, he himself changed it into Philippus Aureolus Paracelsus Theophrastus Bombastus. The appellative "Paracelsus" is a probable referred to the great Roman physician Aulus Cornelius Celsus, who lived in the first century. He is considered one of the fathers of ancient medicine, also known for his remarkable culture in every area of ​​knowledge and its interest in alchemy.


Bringing the culture and the history of Rome to every desk thanks to its Essence.


Since 2014, we have been producing the 7 Perfumes of Rome. The first novelty is the essence Cacio e Pepe.


Our audience is a select audience of men only, who are in love with the culture, the perfumes and the history of the Eternal city.

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